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Let there be light.


Born of art, married to science, the craftsmanship of Dea Luce springs from that immutable space in which the forces of gods and nature reign supreme and the celestial remains the enduring frontier of human yearning.


Let there be inspiration.


With the aid of our expert designers, be transported to a place where beauty is secreted in the occult perfection of crystalline shapes or in the myriad forms of the simplest organic matter—the endlessly gentle branching of coral or the lightning-tailed warheads of conception, of life itself.


Let there be imagination


We believe that illuminating an interior to achieve a particular effect involves much more than selecting mass-produced fixtures from a catalog and flipping a switch. Through our artistic vision and ability to focus on customer needs, Dea Luce offers clients a direct line to the very fundaments of lighting—to phantasm and chimera, sol y sombra, rhapsody and the other figments of dreams—through the very special medium of personalized blown-glass artistry.


Let there be Dea Luce.


With our custom lighting-design and fabrication services, Dea Luce connects with your vision and works from there to construct a lighting plan and customized fixtures that will transport your home, office, hotel or other public locale to a realm of pure incandescence. Glass, like nature (and like human ingenuity and longing), can take on an endless variety of shapes and hues given the right conditions and artistry. Dea Luce partners with expert glass masters in Europe and Asia to deliver designs with creativity, vision and high drama that will leave you breathless with the power of light to transform.